Why is photography?


If we come across such a question, we can think about few options, the principal of the photography to memorise the moments of our life, sometimes we think that photography is a technical process of creating the content. The other way defines it as understanding of the light; how can you take photo without knowing how light reacts and behaves, you try to whisper it. 

The last but not least is the philosophy. Why do you want to show, express, explain on your pictures. What is the motivation of creating that exact photo. What is happening behind the scenes, not only at the physical location, but also in your mind. 

Some people think there is something not right with me (I will not be fighting this statement tho ;) ), because I am able to travel long distances, not only do I drive a car but also take a plane, just to get to the one spot just to take that one photo, that many of times does not work due to weather conditions. I come back with nothing. But do I? 

The journey itself is exciting and the photo is like an icing on the cake. I love sharing the places I have had a pleasure to be in and make other people happy throughout my lens. 


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