Landscape photography tips

  Photography has many faces. The same gear can be used to capture emotions on the weddings, driving pass cars, candid moments on the streets, food on the table, fashion products and memories. It is up to the personal preferences, especially lifestyle, hobby, interest in the particular segment of passion that drive us to the field of photography we would like to cultivate and develop. 

   In this article I will focus on the landscape photography and tips that could help to extract the most of it. There is many subtypes of the landscape photography but I would like to focus on the common understanding of the matter 
  Landscape photography is the art of capturing the nature, environment and outdoors. This might include a human disruption, id est building, fence, forest tower etc, that is not a main subject of the photo but could be a complementary piece of the final frame. 
Another trend in the landscape photography is implementing a person to the landscape, sometimes for travel photography purposes, sometimes to break the "natural monotony". One of the most famous and precursors of that type was Edward Hartwig and his trees. I am also a fan of this concept and like to add something "extra" to the photo 
well this one is not very a human ;)

  Below you can find some tips to the landscape photography that I find most useful 

  1. Location

    It might sound surprising but it is a crucial tip. Traveling to the places are motivated by the travel per se or to see most famous locations. When you know where you are going it is important find the right spot to be able to use the Rule of third in composition. You break your frame into the three horizontal and vertical even pieces and situate the most important parameters on the lines and their crosses
     they are most catching eye points on the picture. After time we can add the leading lines and deliberately break the rules, that is the best part,  

  2. Use tripod and filters
    The additional accessories I will add to the one subgroup as they are complementary. Whenever want to take photo of the running water or moving clouds, the tripod is essential for the long exposure landscape photography. It helps in making the camera steady and you don't have to hold it all the time. Range of filters is helpful when you want to balance the dynamic range out, when part of the composition is too dark or too bright to the other. 

  3. Time - golden hour
    Time is crucial to make your photos stand out. Golden hour is the moment shortly after the sunrise and or before sunset when the colours of the sky are soft, turn to bright yellow giving the romantic moment of our life. 

  4. Be patient and prepared
    Landscape photography does not always work out. Many times I went to the location and because of the weather conditions I was not able to capture the moment I wanted. Sometimes, especially during the sunrise the scene is very dynamic and it could be impressed by the speed of the sun when appearing on the scene. you have to be prepared and know when and where the events happen to get yourself ready in case in a very small window of takin photos. Sometimes it takes time to get to the place you want to take photo from and it is still dark, so bring everything is needed, especially in the mountains and by the sea, when condition can change instantly. 

  5. Camera settings
    the most profitable is to shoot in RAW format, that will give you more flexibility during the post processing 
    The settings might differ between the size sensor used in the camera. Try to shoot in manual, with the beginning of lower iso possible, that is recommended by the manufacturer, usually it is between 100 and 200, aperture set to higher number to have everything sharp in your frame, start with 5,6 and check if your lens is happy with it. Shutter speed depends on your accessories and what you are taking picture of. When using filters you can drop to 1/2s and check if it is not too dark or not too bright, you can use histogram for that. And adjust going up and down every one set to find the right exposure 

    Good luck! 



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